Caution! Don’t Use These Skin Care Ingredients While Pregnant

Skin is a fascinating organ. In addition to protecting us, it also absorbs what we put on it. It’s all the more important then, to be careful of skin care treatments while you are pregnant.


The very last thing you want to have to deal with is skin problems, infections, and harmful ingredients entering your body through your skin while pregnant. In serious cases it can, and will, affect your baby whether it’s now or later.


Pregnant women should avoid too much vitamin A or vitamin A derivatives like Retin-A and Renova, which can be found in many beauty products. Salicylic acid, aka beta hydroxyl acid, is another skin care ingredient to avoid during pregnancy. Read your labels! These ingredients can harm your developing baby.


One thing to mention before we continue is that if you find you have been exposed to a harmful ingredient listed here then don’t panic! Simply stop using it and buy something similar with safer ingredients.



Facial and Body Treatments


Many expecting mothers love to take some time out and relax at the spa for pedicures, massages, facials, etc. It’s a soothing way to unwind and keep yourself stress free.


Before getting a facial or body treatment, it’s important to let the spa know that you are pregnant. They should already be familiar with their products and whether or not they are safe for pregnant women. To confirm this, you can ask to make sure peels and other items don’t include hydroxyl acids. Lactic acids are perfectly safe.




As far as makeup goes, mineral makeup is very safe because it doesn’t often contain ingredients that can irritate skin. Many brands also have natural SPF to protect from the sun. Most makeups are safe in general, so there is no reason to have to switch makeup brands or items just because you are pregnant.




Generally speaking, tanning is a no-no. We aren’t talking about sun tanning, but sunless tanning. Spray tans and tanning lotions contain potentially harmful ingredients, so it’s best to avoid them.


When you do decide to catch some rays, remember to use sunscreen.


Other cosmetics


If you’re already thinking about those possible lasting stretch marks, you aren’t alone. It’s a concern that many pregnant women have. Even with the joy of caring a child comes the worry of body image after giving birth. One way to reduce this worry is by using cellulite and stretch mark cream. Stretch mark lotions are generally safe since manufactures know that pregnant women use them. Cellulite creams on the other hand need to be double checked for the ingredients we have been mentioning throughout this article.


Without trying to make you paranoid, skin care is just another aspect of pregnancy that you need to take into consideration. Though you may not want to have to be picky, read labels, and ask questions, it’s in your best interest to do so to avoid any possibility of abnormal fetus development. The main takeaway here is that retinols and retinoids have been proven to cause birth defects and should be avoided at all costs to make the risk lower.


The best way to keep the risk low is to use natural skin care during pregnancy. This may mean purchasing more expensive brands or using naturally occurring products such as olive oil, coconut oil, or honey for homemade concoctions. It’s definitely something worth looking into!


Don’t let anything get in the way of enjoying your beautiful and healthy baby! Any major or specific concerns should be taken up with your healthcare provider.