Create your own maternity style - Simple Maternity fashion tips

So, you’re pregnant. And congratulations! Not only because you’re having a baby, also because you get to re-do your whole closet again. Here goes for 9 months of pure delight buying new garments. You don’t have to lose style only because you’re pregnant, many pregnant women keep their flawless wardrobe or even upgraded it once they have a baby in the belly.

Maternity fashion is not boring and it’s definitively not unsexy. If you don’t believe us check out the beautiful Chiara Ferragni or follow the trends of Chrissy Teigen when she was pregnant. Hello, Beyoncé anyone? Do we remember pregnant Beyoncé? They all have maintained their style on their pregnancy and we’re going to show you can do the same if you follow these maternity style pieces of advice.

Use any type of skirts you like

Yes, ladies. You read it right. Skirts don’t have to be a problem while you’re pregnant, they can be a salvation.

If you don’t feel like putting some uncomfortable jeans on, then grab a skirt and up you go. Skirts feel really good since your belly won’t be constricted. Additionally, there are many kinds of skirts you can use: high-waisted, denim, a maxi skirt or even pencil skirts. Don’t be ashamed of showing your legs using a skater girl skirt.

Using a skirt is right as long you don’t feel it too tight on your belly. Have fun with them!


Use dresses

Every woman has a dress she loves. For many of us, the little black dress is a must in our wardrobe. You might think that you can’t wear a dress if you’re pregnant. Lady, you’re far from right. This is where you feel the need for a comfy stretchy yet stylish Maternity dress. My advice to you find a dress that you can use while pregnant and after as nursing dress. 

You don’t have to deprive yourself of using different dresses either. Dresses are a great option if you tend to use a lot of pants during the week, or even when you want to look fancy for a dinner with friends. There are several types of maternity and nursing dresses.

Use maternity pants with a really cool button-up shirt

Maternity pants are designed with a fabric that holds your belly, and this fabric is attached to the pants. These pants come in many designs and colors and you don’t have to own just one.

While wearing your newly-owned maternity pants you can use a cool button-up shirt.
Find a loose one with patterns such as flannel or a logo. This is the epitome of coolness! And you can’t imagine how comfortable you’ll be.



Use statement shoes

If Amal Clooney is doing it, then you can do it too. Being pregnant doesn’t forbid you from using beautiful shoes. You can even wear heels, as long as you feel comfortable. We believe that you can complete an outfit if you use a pair of statement shoes.

These are a pair of shoes that catch all the attention of your outfit. For example, if you’re using a neutral-colored dress you can wear a pair of bright-colored heels. Once again, don’t be afraid of trying innovative ideas. 

Don’t be afraid of using striped shirt

There’s this myth about wearing striped shirts if you’re a big person, and we believe that’s only a myth. The only thing a striped shirt can do is make you look more beautiful than you already are. Moreover, most of striped t-shirts are really comfortable to wear and you only need a pair of leggings or maternity pants to complete the whole ensemble. And while you’re at it, why don’t you add a  ripped jacket? There’s  definitively nothing cooler than a pregnant woman wearing that outfit.

 Accessories, accessories, and more accessories

Who doesn’t love accessories? Maternity style is all about picking the clothes you feel comfortable with and combining them with the  accessories you love. Try wearing different glasses, hats, and even flamboyant earrings. You can even try diverse types of scarfs if  it’s cold where you live.

Creating your own maternity styles is all about feeling comfortable

We should repeat this until it’s your new mantra: being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear pretty clothes. Pregnancy style is all about feeling comfortable and empowered.
You can use your old clothes, or you can buy new garments and renovate your style completely. Feel free to try whatever is accessible to you.  It’s all up to your desires! You create the rules.