Nursery Room On A Budget

I have lived in my apartment, I have shared a place with my partner, and nowadays, I am living in a house with my family: husband, two babies (one of 5 years-old and other of 2) and myself.  

Creating my home has been a difficult task, especially since I have to think about my kids first. When I had Ethan, my first child, I realized the nursery room had a fundamental meaning in my motherhood responsibilities. I bought everything I could think of and spend tons of money on items I never used like many toys, upscale nursery decor, and chair I did not feel comfortable in a while breastfeeding. Let me tell you something right away; I did not commit that same mistake with Sarah. This time I researched and purchased the necessary items. Sarah’s nursery room ended up having a crib, a changing table, a nursery chair, and lots (lots!) of space for storage. Do you want to know the most excellent lesson I learned? You can create the perfect nursery room if you are on a tight budget.



In this blog post, I want to offer you some tips on how to achieve this mission.


  1. Get a Convertible Crib: As a mom of two, this is the first item I think about when a friend asks me about nursery rooms. Cribs are the place where your baby is going to spend most of his or her time. Convertible cribs are fantastic because they grow with your baby. Once he or she is big enough, you need to take off one of the side panels and voilá; you have a twin-size baby bed.
  2. Get Crib Bedding: The crib bedding is essential since your baby will be sleeping over it. Purchase bedding that’s 100% cotton and soft to the touch. At least two and six tops, you won’t need more than this, and this is a smart move because you will save lots of time in the laundry.
  3. Get a Combined Changing Table and Dresser: Two products in one! Purchase a changing pad and put it over the dresser and you are ready to go. A combined changing table and dresser is a great option when you’re on a budget since this product is essential for a nursery room. Once you don’t need to change any more diapers, you can remove the changing pad and storage it.
  4. Get a Rockin’ Rocking Chair: This is probably the most important purchase you are going to make for your nursery room. You must get a rocking chair that’s comfortable enough for you to sit in with your baby day after day and night after night. Furthermore, consider getting a rocking chair with armrests so you can relax when your arms get tired. This chair has to be made from a washable material since you’ll be experiencing lots of boogers, spit up, and poop (Yes, I said the “P” word.) Your baby is going to grow up, that’s why you need a rocking chair that’s comfortable enough for you two when he or she is a toddler. Do you want to know a cool tip? Some rocking chairs come with plugins so you can charge your phone.
  5. Get Tons of Space for Storage: The tiniest people need the most significant space, in our hearts and our houses. If you are a first-time mom, you won’t be able to imagine the number of items you will be keeping in the nursery room. Think about diapers, clothes, and toys. The nursery room has to be a clean space so everything must be in its place. What solution do I recommend you if you’re on a budget? You can build shelves for your walls, or you can get a bookcase. Moreover, you can buy basket storages because these products are affordable.



But, what about the decoration? Well, the decor is important but not completely essential. Your kid is not going to notice the decor of the room right away, so you can decorate it little by little. Trust me, with Ethan I spend thousands of dollars for a decoration that he ended up redoing when he turned three-years-old (Yes, my little Picasso, created his pieces all over the room.)


These are the five essential products you should get for your nursery room if you’re on a budget. Most importantly: purchase products from trustworthy brands and try to no get second-hand items of people you don’t know. If you’re interested in second-hand products ask for a family member that might have it.