Pregnancy Fashion : My New Wardrobe During My First Trimester

Though your face may be glowing after you find out your pregnant, your body probably won’t be. Your first trimester is a very exciting time but it also comes with some uncomfortable discoveries about being pregnant (morning sickness we’re talking about you!). This includes coming to the realization that your body, not just your life, is about to change drastically.


Though everyone starts showing at different times- I didn’t actually start showing until about 5 months along-, rest assured that first trimester pregnancy fashion gives you a ton of options. There’s no need to wear ugly and expensive maternity clothes. You can start your pregnancy right by being in style with these first trimester style tips:


  • Get maternity basics on a budget


Whether you’re showing now or not, you will be soon! Just like there are basics in a normal wardrobe, there are basics for pregnancy fashion. You’ll need some maternity leggings, maternity jeans, some tops, and a few dresses.


Maternity bottoms, like leggings and jeans, usually comfortable since they have a belly panel added to them. It’s stretchy material that allows room for growth. They are ideal for any occasion. My favorites are the jeans and leggings from Modern Eternity because they are so comfortable and stylish.


  • Both show off and cover your baby bump


Some women love to wear tight fitting maternity tops and dresses to show off their baby bumps while others like to wear looser fitting clothes to keep things discreet. I find a combination of both items is best! For when I feel like showing off I can, and if I don’t then I don’t!


  • Make maternity wear shopping fun


Shopping for the perfect maternity look shouldn’t be treated as another thing on your to-do list. It’s a fun time that makes for a good day out (or two!). Not everything has to be all about the baby! You need to take care of yourself too!


Go out when you are in a good shopping mood. You can go alone to get away from it all or grab some friends for a good time. Celebrate the new you and trest yourself to a fashion update!


Think of this next nine months as a way to experiment and recreate yourself in a new way. Try some new styles you wouldn’t normally wear and see how you feel! Here are some more tried and tested fashion tips:


  • Get creative


Here’s a secret: you don’t have to buy a lot of new clothes. Some women just buy a couple of basic pieces and create a look by adding their favourite accessories. You can get creative by using what you already have and changing it a little. Belts are cool accessories you can wear on top of your stretchy fitting dresses. Also in fall you can always mix and match with your light jean or leather jackets!


  • Buy some new shoes (or stick to your comfy ones)


  • If you find something that works, stay with it!


If loose dresses are your thing during pregnancy, then go for it! You have to do what makes you feel most comfortable (and beautiful!).


  • Don’t throw it all out


Even if this is your only or last pregnancy, don’t make the mistake I did and throw out all you’ve bought since you’re not pregnant anymore. It takes awhile to get back to your pre-pregnancy size, and you’ll need some clothes while you’re getting there!


So there you have it- pregnancy fashion in a nutshell. Be kind to yourself and have some fun shopping!