What to wear when pregnant! The Do’s and Don’ts of maternity clothes

Having a baby is a miracle. Undoubtedly there are many beautiful experiences that come with pregnancy. What to know one of the best things about it? You get to renew your wardrobe! And even get a new style. You need to have into consideration that maternity clothes are the best option while pregnant with your child because these garments are specially designed to fit your body and not harm it. Using maternity clothes is not a synonym for being badly dressed –trust me on this. There are many brands that offer you stylish solutions- Clinging to your all clothes can be a good solution, at least for the five months of pregnancy, but after these weeks pass you need to have other options. Don’t be afraid of creating your own pregnancy style and follow these Do’s and Don’ts tips:

  1. Don’t wear your old tight jeans, do wear new comfortable jeans: Low waist jeans and even high waist will be a pain for your baby bump. One of the most important things to consider when having a baby is your, and your kid’s, level of comfort. After a few months of pregnancy you won’t feel at ease while using old pants, so the greatest solution for this wardrobe problem is trying to invest on 3-in-1 maternity jeans. These products come with an elastic band that fits perfectly around your belly at any month of your pregnancy. With the right top you will create your dreamed pregnancy look, and speaking about tops

  2. Don’t wear your regular top, do wear a special maternity top: Just as with jeans, you’ll need the perfect top while you’re pregnant. Right now you probably noticed your old tops don’t hide your little –or big bump– as you’ll like to, and you’re constantly pulling it down. You can opt for buying the same shirt a couple of sizes bigger or you can acquire a product that fits perfectly. Consider purchasing a quality maternity top. They can be casual or even formal. Options are limitless, and if you use it with a maternity jacket even better. Everybody down the street will say: Here comes sexy momma! And speaking of feeling sexy and comfortable;


  3. Don’t put on your old bras, do spoil yourself with a maternity bra: The reason for this recommendation is obvious, normal bras are not designed for the body of a woman whose breasts are constantly growing and reshaping. Normal bras pull out and stretch in all the wrong places, you won’t feel supported or comfortable. Maternity bras do the exact opposite thing, these products are specially designed to accommodate growing breasts for multiple support, and come in different colors and designs. Give your breasts the care and buy maternity bras. And last, but not least, here it’s our final recommendation if you’re a sporty momma;

  4. Don’t wear oversized clothes, do get sporty in style: Being pregnant doesn’t forbid you to exercise, especially if you are the kind of woman who loves working out. If you’re planning on maintaining an exercise routine while you’re pregnant then you should buy maternity clothes for sports. These products are created for you’ to feel relaxed and sophisticated while doing Yoga, Pilates or even Zumba. Oversize sweaters and pants will feel uncomfortable, and your activities will be reduced due to this. So don’t lose your time! Because practicing any exercise is good for you and your baby, particularly if you have the right clothes.

Remember to purchase the clothes that feel right on you because you’ll use it for a few months. The products from Modern Eternity have all of these characteristics mentioned above. Consider purchasing them next time you go out. And most importantly: have fun while doing this! Shopping is a great stress reliever and you’ll feel beautiful afterward.