Why are maternity coats essential to wear in cold seasons?

Winter is coming! The coldness will be inevitable during this season of the year. Before your pregnancy, you only thought about how to keep yourself warm, but now you have to think for two. It’s important to guard your baby bump from cold temperatures. Getting sick while having a baby can be a tremendous pain. Imagine having to bear with the hormonal changes and also having a cold or the flu. Still, getting sick while you’re pregnant is more common than you think because your immune system doesn’t work the same. You can take preventions for avoiding it. The best way to stay healthy is by keeping yourself in the safest climate conditions during your pregnancy. Trying to avoid really low temperatures is a great choice, but if you live in a place when the winter can be hard on your body, it’s important to wear the proper garments.

buying a Maternity Coat may be the solution, so you can keep your baby bump warm and cozy. The ultimate challange here will be " should I but winter maternity clothes ? " Since this state is temporary for you.

I have the answer: Have you heard about the 3-in-1 Maternity Coat? This is the concept of before and after maternity clothes only more practical here is how it works:


You won’t believe how functional it is. As its name says, the 3 in 1 maternity coat has three special ways to be used:

  1. Baby in!

    The baby is in! Your belly is going to grow, grow and grow. It may sound obvious but it’s important to remember that now you’re thinking for two, so your old coats won’t comply with this task. Having the best maternity coat that completely covers your body is the way to go. The 3-in-1 Modern Eternity coat has this patented maternity panel Technology that attaches itself to the zipper of the coat and gives enough room for your belly to grow. This means you can use this product in your 4th, 5th, 6th and even 9th month of pregnancy. It’s super versatile and also fun! You’ll feel comfortable and warm while wearing this product. 
  2. Baby out 
  3. The baby is out! You can use this coat even after you had your baby! Yes, you read it correctly. Remember the special panel it has? Well, if you put this panel upside down and zip it up, you’ll create the perfect compartment for carrying your loved one. it is made for babywearing, all you need to do is to use your baby carrier or baby wrap and voilà! Both of you will feel warm and fuzzy when you’re wearing this coat. And most importantly, neither of you will get sick. Remember that your baby needs to be exposed to right temperatures while she or he is really small. 

  4. baby out?
  5. There is going to be a particular moment in your life when you won’t be able to carry your baby as you did before. And you’re probably thinking: “Great! I can rest my arms now. But what am I going to do with the 3-in-1 maternity coat that I bought? Now it’s probably useless”. Surprise! It’s not, that’s the reason why our product it’s called like that because you’ll use in 3 different ways. You won’t have to get rid of this coat once you have your baby, you can use it over and over. This product is chic and enduring, just like a great coat should be. And remember that maternity clothes are great products to use for the rest of your life. The best example of this statement is the 3-in-1 Modern Eternity coat.

All in all our 3-in-1 is the perfect solution for wintertime. Baby in feature is perfect for promoting a healthy and outdoorsy lifestyle. Baby out feature helps you stay close to your baby, this characteristic promotes nursing and bonding. No baby at all makes you feel warm, comfortable and stylish at all times. I wasn’t kidding when I told you this is the most incredible maternity product on the market right now.