Be a Hero Without a Cape: 5 Advantages of Babywearing Dads

If I had a dollar for everytime a man has said that “babywearing is not manly enough for them,” I would be rich enough to buy my husband several slings for he to keep enjoying his babywearing time. My hubby loves, loves, loves babywearing so much. Sometimes I have seen him reaching the sling before me and saying “It’s okay, babe, I got it.” I do not understand where does the myth of babywearing “not being manly enough” comes from, do you? It must be from the same place where “pink is not a manly color” and “letting your wife drive the car for you isn’t manly enough” comes from. In case you might care, I also drive our family car a lot, and he doesn’t seem to mind. The concept of “real masculinity” can be so toxic, and it might interfere with the essential duties of a father. Guys, babywearing is super comfortable, fun, and isn’t not going to make your beard go away. In any case, I always have thought that babywearing dads are attractive.  

Do you want to know more advantages of babywearing? I am going to give you five.


  • Closeness to Kids: Moms and dads have to be close to their babies! There are no exceptions to this rule, dads. I mean, we all want to smooch them on and on. Do you want to be as close you can to your baby? Babywearing allows you to be close to your loved one. My husband thought it would be weird to carry our first baby so close to him. I don’t blame him, I used to think our kid might feel uncomfortable when we used a sling but I persevere and show him how to do it. We both forgot about our super expensive stroller right away (Yes, a sling might sound like a better option if you’re on a budget.) Hubby got so attached to having our baby close to him all the time than when he felt something was missing when he removed the babywearing. Moreover, having your baby close all the time helps him or her to know you better.

  • It Helps Your Kids to Sleep Better: The first weeks of your baby went flying by, and I believe you and your wife might be suffering from a tiny-bit of insomnia. Your loved one is probably grumpy because she had a baby, she’s breastfeeding and she also has o put the baby to sleep every night. I mean, she probably has the right to be mad, right? But don’t worry because I have the perfect solution for that! It starts with the baby and ends with wearing. It has been proved that using babywearing helps your kids to sleep better. If you use the sling, I promise your kid is going to sleep comfortably and faster. Furthermore, you will get those 2 extra-hours of napping time too.

  • The Ability to Move Everywhere with Your Kid: I recently read that babywearing was great for a dad because he wanted to “help out” his partner while keeping his hands free. Hear me out; there is nothing more manly than a dad carrying his baby while doing other tasks. I know I already said that babywearing dads are attractive, and I am not going to apologize because IT’S SO TRUE. And besides being cute, carrying your baby with a sling allows you to other things. You can be working, cooking, watching a movie, shaving your beard and even playing a video game while being attentive to your baby.

  • Babywearing is Convenient: I believe this goes hand in hand with our previous advantage. Mobility equals convenience and whatever is convenient for you kid should be suitable for you too.

  • Bonding Time: The all-so-dear bonding time. This is something we all try to maintain during our parenthood. In the purpose of doing this article, I asked my hubby if he felt that using the sling was helped him to had bonding time with our first kid and he say “Of course.” He didn’t only say that: “It helped me to understand what were the needs of our first kid when he was little. I understood when he was hungry or when he wanted to go to the bathroom. It was just like telepathy, love, but even better.” Isn’t that awesome?  


Overall, babywearing is like being a hero without a cape. I encourage you to try it at least a few times to see if you like it. There are more things you can win instead of lose