Beating Postpartum Blues with Nursing Fashion - Here’s How

As a new mom, even if it's the second or third child, postpartum depression is genuine. It goes way beyond merely struggling with wardrobe decisions and not finding any satisfactory outfit. 

For some new moms, postpartum is a long-lasting and often severe form of depression. It makes them experience a mix of behavioral, emotional, and physical changes that often they are unable to understand or even cope with. 

In times like these, wardrobe choices can become even more difficult. And like they say, clothes can make or break your mood. Hence, even if a closet full of clothes fails to make a postpartum mom feel good, postpartum depression can worsen. 

Hence, we decided to compile a list of nursing fashion ideas for you that will uplift your spirits, cheer you through, and make you feel like the queen you are. Keep reading below if you're ready to beat postpartum blues with our nursing fashion ideas!

1. Printed Soft Pants 

Printed soft pants are trending currently, and with their elasticated waistbands, they're the comfiest options in town. They give typical pajamas that feel soft, unrestricted, and oh-so-comfy. But the good news is that these printed pants are utterly pleasing to the eye, especially in pastel floral prints. 

Any postpartum mom who dresses in wide-leg printed pants paired with a stylish nursing tank top, teething necklaces, or similar accessories will lift her spirits. 

2.Elastic-Insert Jeans 

If you're a nursing mom battling postpartum depression, we are here to cheer you up with a nursing fashion idea. Elastic-insert jeans are a genius creation, mainly because of the oomph they add to a nursing mom's profile without cinching her tender waist too uncomfortably. 

They're the best choice for the trimesters and the postpartum period too. If you want to class up your elasticated jeans, you can pair the look with ballet flats and a fancy pair of sunglasses to complete the look. 

From hiding your dark circles successfully to keeping your post-delivery tummy and waist super comfortable, you’ll love dressing up with this nursing fashion tip. 

3. Leggings 

The nursing fashion gurus agree that leggings are quite the perfect postpartum clothing choice. They're comfortable, stretchy, and super soft, yet they look sexy. Besides, no nursing mom will be disappointed with the versatility of leggings, considering the ease with which they can dress them up or down. 

For instance, an equally sexy nursing tank top or bra paired with leggings would be perfect for a yoga class post-pregnancy or a coffee or lunch date with a friend. But for a special evening out, you'd find the same reliable pair of leggings transforming you into a stunning diva, paired with a tunic or a flower top. 

You could complete the look with a denim jacket and leave it unbuttoned for a chic look. 

4. Wrap-Style Nursing Dress 

Why should you miss out on all the fun and giddy excitement of date nights or club nights just because you’re battling postpartum? A nursing dress in a wrap-around style is truly a must-have in your post-delivery closet. 

We love how this style wraps neatly around a new mom's body, gently fitting her without feeling uncomfortably restricted. Moreover, the elegance of the wrap-around nursing dress captivates so powerfully that it leaves no room for anyone to guess it's a nursing dress. 

You could convert your nursing dress into an outfit befitting your grand evening out by pairing it with a pashmina wrap. A custom necklace would be perfect to complete the polished look. And while you're putting the finishing touches, don't hesitate to choose the sexiest lip color you own. 

5. Maxi Dresses in Blazers 

Maxi dresses never make a wrong choice, even for new moms struggling with postpartum blues. Take it from the nursing fashion gurus; a maxi dress paired with a blazer or denim jacket is the most effortless look for a nursing mom. 

For a little more bling, you could complete the look with the comfiest pair of tall boots you own and perhaps teething necklaces if you like. 

Final Thoughts 

Postpartum is real, but you need not let it overwhelm you. While emotionally and physically, you may find it emotionally and physically frustrating, you can do little things to pamper yourself and cheer your spirits. For instance, dressing up in some of the best nursing fashion clothing will make you feel good. 

With the ideas in this article, we promise you'll surely look like the hottest mamma in town!