Don’t Compromise Style for Breastfeeding - Top Styling Tips for Nursing Moms


Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey; mommies can make it even better with our styling tips. During the natural phenomenon that a new mother has to go through, nothing can be better than having clothing choices that contribute to healthy breastfeeding.

What's more, if the clothes can be trendy and elegant while contributing to an easy nursing experience, all the better for moms. If you’re a beautiful breastfeeding mom reading this, we have some top styling tips for you below. Keep reading!

1.    Never Underestimate the Power of Tank Tops

We highly recommend getting a handful of tank tops in various colors for your nursing journey. They're a winning piece, from being easy to pull down to extremely versatile styling. Tank tops look fabulous and pair wonderfully with soft printed pants, floral elasticated skirts, elastic-insert jeans, and blazers.

They're super comfortable for mommies who breastfeed, ensuring easy access when latching their child for feeding.

Nursing tank top   activewear nursing bra

2.    Maxis and Wrap Dresses

Once you’re ready to resume your social life, as much as possible post-delivery, you will need outfit choices to flaunt your new mommy body in.

best maternity and nursing dress

We highly recommend maxis and wrap dresses for it; firstly, because of the variety of styles and prints and secondly, because maxis and wrap dresses make nursing easy,

They're also super cute, considering the flowy si

lhouettes and loose-fitted styles maxis have. As for wrap dresses, you'll find plenty of nursing dresses in this style, which gives quick access to the breast for feeding while complimenting your profile.



3.    Nursing Bras and Button Down Shirts

It wouldn't be wrong for breastfeeding mommies to describe nursing bras and button-down shirts as their best friends. You need a good variety of nursing bras in your breastfeeding wardrobe, mainly because of the open panel and their design features.

With these bras, you only have to pull the panel down to have your baby latch on quickly without any unnecessary fuss. You won't even have to remove the bra, a bonus for mommies who have to feed their little ones in public areas.

Choosing a nursing bra that is breathable, natural, and comprises an absorbent fabric will significantly boost the comfort level. They're also great to pair with button-down shirts when you need sassy and sexy outfit choices for casual dates.

Nursing Bra     racer back nursing bra



4.    Off-Shoulder Dresses and Tops

For nursing mamas, nothing can be trendier than off-shoulder tops and dresses. This genius style makes for accessible nursing experiences since all you have to do is pull the top part of the outfit down to feed the little ones.

Plus, off-shoulder tops and dresses are romantic and chic, perfect for any woman to look exquisite. The only extra effort you might need to make when feeding with an off-shoulder outfit is choosing a quiet place or some cover when breastfeeding.

5.    Wrap-Arounds

Wrap-around dresses tied with a knot are a splendid choice for nursing mamas. You see, there are many advantages to choosing a wrap-around dress. Firstly, since it ties in with a knot, it will make an easy and convenient breastfeeding experiences because all you will have to do is untie the knot to begin nursing.

Another attractive feature of this design is that the knot allows you to choose a fit that suits your post-pregnancy body. You can create a silhouette as closely fitting or loose as you like. Besides, wrap-arounds are versatile and fit effortlessly into all-day events and fancier evening gatherings. Plus, they pack a magnificent fashion impact too. A win-win for nursing mommies, don't you agree?

6.    Kimonos and Dusters

We're all for kimonos and dusters for breastfeeding mommy fashion. These outfit choices include plenty of extra fabric, comfort, and protection. When you're out in public and have to breastfeed but forget to carry the baby blanket, the kimono would double up as an excellent cover.

Moreover, kimonos and dusters are elegant layering pieces that would pair well with any nursing tank top or bra for a fashionable look.


Final Thoughts

Breastfeeding mommies have to consider numerous factors when choosing outfits to wear during their nursing journey. From ensuring that the garments are not too tight or rough textured to revealing to ensuring they're breathable, comfortable, and nursing-friendly, the choice is not easy.