Drinking Wine While Pregnant

Moms who said that they drink a little bit of wine during their pregnancy have been categorized as alcoholics by other parents.

When a woman is pregnant, we all know she should stop drinking alcohol; this is something everybody has in mind. The true fact is that the NHS recommends not to drink at all when pregnant; but experts say the evidence proving light drinking was dangerous is “surprisingly limited”.

So the big issue is to know if drinking one or two glasses of wine during the pregnancy could be dangerous or not! Experts can’t say which quantity is allowed, not to endanger the life of the baby. That’s the reason why they recommend stopping totally drinking alcohol because we are not sure about the consequences.


Not to be sure of the consequences can sometimes be a problem.

For example, a controversial subject, as she had an upcoming event but hadn’t revealed her pregnancy and didn’t want to arouse suspicion by not drinking. If you were her, what would you have done? Would you have taken the risk of drinking a little in order that nobody would have been suspicious?
This mother had a lot of feedback to her question on the internet. Most of the messages were saying that if a mother can’t stop drinking for 9 months, she may have some problems with alcohol and she should do something to fix it. People are very radical on this subject and drinking alcohol while pregnant, it’s frowned upon.

Divergent views

Indeed, scientists showed that alcohol can pose risks to the unborn baby including learning difficulties and behavioral problems. That’s why the UK’s chief medical officer recommends the safest approach for expectant moms is to avoid it altogether throughout the pregnancy.
But, despite research, experts are still unsure how much alcohol – if any – is safe to drink while pregnant.
Some say that after discovering you are expecting a baby, you should totally abstain from drinking any kind of booze.
However, others say that women can enjoy a small tipple when expecting – saying there is no evidence that a small amount of booze can cause problems.

As you may notice, opinions are still shared on this topic. To my mind, when we are not sure of the result, as in this situation, we shouldn’t take any risks. However it’s up to you to decide how you will handle this situation. Just be aware that one glass of wine won’t change anything. You can’t drink every day and a lot but one little glass all the 10 days shouldn’t be seen as a danger.