What Maternity Clothes You Need in Your Wardrobe



The news of your pregnancy is bound to make you squeal with excitement and joy. But as soon as you've celebrated the big good news, the next thoughts to crowd your mind will be, "What will I wear? Is my current wardrobe enough to keep my fashion goals on point throughout maternity? Will I outgrow all the fabulous outfits I have right now?

Trust us, you're not in this alone, and every pregnant woman has the right to feel and look utterly throughout her maternity journey. So if you're all set to keep your maternity fashion game on point, learn about the outfits you need and don't need for it below.

1. Layered Clothing

For pregnant women, our experts highly recommend layered outfits. Contrary to popular misassumptions, layered outfits do not make pregnant women look larger than they are. Hence, to look your best throughout maternity, we recommend choosing tops and dresses with V-necks, scooped or boat necklines. 

This help frames your and is also a versatile styling option you can count on. You'll love how your camisoles will keep you comfortable and breathable at home, but when you have to step out, you'd only need to throw something over it. 

However, we recommend being a teeny bit mindful when choosing a layering option. Long tunics look especially good with leggings or skinny jeans and a cami inside them. It creates the illusion of an elongated profile, something pregnant women need with growing bellies. 

2. Opt for Vibrant Colors 

Many pregnant women needlessly restrict their choice of colors for their maternity wardrobes. The better choice is to choose your maternity outfits in a range of popping, vibrant and refreshing colors. 

For instance, green or sky blue tends to uplift your weary spirits and refresh your energy. Pregnancy can take quite a toll with all its mood swings, and there can be days when you'd not feel good. In times like these, what could be better than picking a flowy, colorful maternity outfit and dressing to the nines?

It will boost your confidence, renew your energy, and generally make you very positive. The illusion that pregnant women should dress in dark colors, like black or navy, to look slim is a myth. You can show the people around you how colors flatter a pregnant woman's body, adding more loveliness and radiance to her pregnancy glow.

3. You will need Maternity Leggings and Jeans 

One of the best maternity wardrobe investments you will make is a qualitative pair or two of maternity leggings or jeans. The stretchiness of the clothing garments is a bonus when your figure continues to grow as the months of your pregnancy progress. 

Leggings or maternity jeans allow plenty of room for movement and breathability, not constricting your body or circulation. They're also super versatile and pair effortlessly with almost all kinds of tops, tees, and cardigans. 

maternity leggings

What you don’t need

1. Maternity Briefs 

You may have some well-wishers or pushy pregnancy apparel store representatives trying to convince you to buy maternity briefs. But we assure you there will be little to zero need for these throughout your maternity journey. 

Kickers do nothing to add to your comfort level, and unless you feel they're swanky and part of a set, you may buy them. But otherwise, an ordinary pair of shorts with a super stretchy waistline and a low-slung cut will suffice for your bump. And these are already bound to be in your closet.

2. Rigid and Structured Bottoms and Tops 

You won't find structured and rigid clothing articles a good choice when you're in the advanced stages of your pregnancy. Once your baby bump grows, you'll need more flowy and breezy silhouettes to keep you comfortable. 

Rigid and structured tops and bottoms will feel uncomfortably tight on your pregnant body, often making you feel like your circulation is getting hampered. Unless you have a job requiring formal dress, you don't need to invest in structured and fitted tops or bottoms.

3. Self Prints or Block Colors

We see a lot of pregnant women surrendering to the myth that patterns, prints, and stripes will make their pregnant bodies look even bulkier. Unfortunately, misguided women have a maternity wardrobe full of dull and uninspiring garments. 

Trust us, stripes, prints, and patterns can flatter your pregnant figure, and you'd be better off without plain, block-colored garments. 

Final Thoughts 

Maternity is a wonderful time of a woman's life, and it is befitting to invest in outfits that keep you looking radiant, lovely, and trendy. With the dos and don'ts of a maternity wardrobe mentioned here, you'll surely find the most flattering outfits for the journey.